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What Makes Total Testing Different

We are different than other online college programs.

We've created a program that makes going to college affordable, convenient, fast and focused. 

You might be short on time, juggling a job and family responsibilities. You might be short on funds and unable to afford college tuition. Its possible that committing to college for a full semester is overwhelming… Total Testing was created to help you over come each of these obstacles.

At Total Testing, we know that your time and money is valuable. 

We want to help you use it wisely. 

Approved Degree Plans

Total Testing offers Daemen University approved degree plans which include 90 credits earned through exams. Having an approved degree plan ensures that all credits are targeted to fulfill degree requirements and that you don’t take unecessarary credits.

Monthly Membership

By offering a monthly membership, Total Testing makes college affordable. Pay only $300 per month and earn up to 9 credits each month until you reach 90 credits. Total Testing allows you to put your membership on hold, at any time,  for any reason , pausing all payments.

Self Paced

Our program enables you to work college into your schedule, not the other way around. Progress at your own pace, giving yourself time to focus on other goals.  There are no semester start dates and no classes to attend. You decide when to study and when to schedule your final exam.

Guaranteed Transfer

All credits earned towards your degree are approved by Daemen University. Credits taken with Total Testing are guaranteed transfer to Daemen University.
(Minimum 2.0 GPA required.)

Free Study Materials

No standing in line at the book store or waiting for a delivery. All study materials are provided to Total Testing members, free of charge.

Transfer Existing Credits

Evaluate existing credits by Daemen University for direct transfer. Approved credits will be applied to the Total Testing portion of your degree, shortening the time and money needed to complete your degree.

Even with taking a break over the summer, I was able to finish 90 credits in less time than going to my local community college.
J. Bell
Thanks to Total Testing I was able to keep my job and work on my degree at the same time. My boss was so happy with my work / college balance, she paid for my degree.
C. Chen