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4 Jobs You Can Do With a Degree in Liberal Studies

As you decide on your path of study, it is important to consider your future prospects. Many degrees, namely professional degrees, are tailored to specific professional careers such as a: doctor, lawyer, engineer, and others. What makes a degree in Liberal Studies so unique is the wide academic range and broad skill development. This means that a person who follows this degree path is not necessarily limited to a specific profession.

In fact, those who study liberal arts and get a Liberal Studies degree are much better prepared to adapt to changing business realities and move between careers. With this in mind, we researched some career paths that would be good for a degree in Liberal Studies.



As one of the most common careers in writing and communications, good editors are heavily sought after and can be used throughout a variety of industries. Generally, editors plan, coordinate, and revise material for publication in books, newspapers, journals, and websites. Editors need to have incredible analytical skills and be able to understand their readers and what will most likely engage them, beyond superb attention to detail and grammar. Similar to the Total Testing pathway which offers self-paced, flexible learning, editors can likewise be very independent, expected to work with minimal supervision and make decisions on their own. Freelance editors can even set their own hours and choose their own projects.


Pre-School Manager

We’ve heard time and time again: the youth are our future. If you have an interest in helping develop the next generation, then a liberal studies degree could set you on that path. Not only do you develop a wide range of skills that can be useful when communicating with young children (and their parents), but with specializations like those in the Total Testing degree path, you can become an expert in specific fields like early-childhood education. These specializations will allow you to concentrate your liberal studies degree a bit more and funnel your learning into managing early-childhood education institutions.



Like editors, publicists or public relations specialists are experts in finding media opportunities and working to write stories and get them published. In the media sphere, publicists are tasked with getting journalists to write about their clients. This type of job requires excellent writing and verbal communication skills, often highly developed through a liberal studies education. Moreover, with a broad knowledge base that a liberal studies degree affords, publicists are better positioned to be up-to-date with current events, and they will be able to better serve their clients in the long run.


Entry-level Management Personnel

For those who love leading and being in control in business settings, a liberal studies major can push you to the top. Managing people is no easy job and can take years of experience to become truly great at it. That being said, being a great manager often requires understanding a lot about a lot of things. Beyond being able to think critically and assess situations analytically, managers have to be great communicators. A good manager understands those they are managing. Liberal studies expose students to multiple perspectives on the world, setting students up to have the right foundation from which to begin a career in management.


In short, if you are considering a liberal studies degree then know this – your job opportunities are plentiful!

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