About Us - Total Testing Education

About Us

Total Testing Education makes your college education affordable.

We partner with universities to bring you fully online and affordable degree options.

Testing and Training International (TTI) is the leading alternative to traditional higher education. Founded in 1996 by Mrs. Raizel Reit, over 17,000 students have relied on TTI for efficient, cost-effective plans for collegiate study. TTI’s partnerships with nationally and regionally accredited universities have enabled TTI to offer higher education opportunities, enabling students to study in prestigious universities and build careers in diverse industries around the world.

TTI is committed to keeping you marketable in today’s fast-paced business world. Working with our college partners, TTI continually updates programs to match career trends and employment demands. TTI’s unique testing system, flexible course schedules, and expert advisors turn dreams into fulfilling, lucrative careers.

The launching of Total Testing Education

Total Testing Education was created to offer students an alternative pathway to a bachelor’s degree. We simplified the process and reduced costs while maintaining high academic standards of study. Colleges are partnering with Total Testing Education to develop degree plans that include Total Testing Education self-study courses with the goal of lowering the cost of your degree and giving you more flexibility. Our accredited partner colleges have guaranteed to accept all Total Testing Education courses for full course credit upon enrollment.

As a Total Testing Education student, your degree pathway will include university-approved degree plans, evaluation of existing credits for transfer, study materials, and online proctoring.