How Total Testing Works

How Total Testing Education Works

Earning your degree doesn't need to be complicated.

We make the process as straightforward as possible.

Total Testing partners with universities offering faster degree pathways that include 25-30 self-study courses currently approved by the degree-granting institution. Once you apply to and are accepted to a partner university, you will be awarded credit for courses successfully completed through Total Testing’s pathway.

Total Testing Education’s monthly membership allows you to calculate the cost of your degree so that you can keep the cost of college under control. Study and review materials are included to help keep your costs down. Self-study courses, without committing to a full semester schedule, allow you to set the pace of your learning. Final costs vary based on the total number of months it takes to complete the required courses.

Get started

  1. Complete Total Testing Education registration.

  2. Pay a one-time registration fee of $350 and receive your first month of courses at no additional charge.

  3. Choose your degree pathway. If you need advice on which degree pathway is best for you, Total Testing Education advisors can help.

  4. Submit existing college transcripts to one of our partner universities for transfer evaluation. The more credits approved by our partnering university for transfer, the fewer courses you will need to complete with Total Testing Education.

Take 3 courses a month

Start taking courses right away or wait until your credit evaluation is complete. Total Testing Education provides a university-approved degree plan for each degree pathway so you know which Total Testing Education courses meet degree requirements.Total Testing Education courses are NCCRS-credit recommended self-study courses and are approved for credit transfer by our partner colleges.  

Your monthly membership, of only $297 per month, allows you to take up to 3 courses each month. Review and study materials are included. Study the course material and take the final exam when you’re ready.

Begin paying monthly membership of $297 in month two.

Enroll in college and earn your degree

Once you complete the Total Testing Education requirements on your plan, you will be ready to apply to the college associated with your degree pathway. Our partner colleges have approved the credit recommendation associated with all Total Testing Education courses meeting degree requirements, guaranteeing a smooth transfer.

Earn your degree by taking the remaining required online classes directly from the university associated with your degree plan. Tuition for these courses will be paid directly to the partnership college awarding your degree. Your degree will be awarded by the participating university.

Degree pathway courses offered by Total Testing Education are recommended for credit by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), a program of the Board of Regents of the university of the State of New York, and are administered by our testing partners Consortium for International Studies (CIS) and Coopersmith Consulting Company (CCC). Courses meeting degree requirements are approved for credit transfer by our partner colleges.