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Bachelor of Arts in
Liberal Studies
Daemen University Pathway

The Power of Liberal Studies

Every industry relies on critical thinkers with effective communication skills to manage teams, develop strategies, and solve analytical problems.  By focusing on the study of humanities and social sciences, including history, literature, psychology and sociology, a Liberal Studies degree from Daemen University will give you a broad foundation in those highly-valued skills. This Daemen University degree includes credits in Early Childhood Education ensuring that your solid foundation in liberal arts meets and exceeds the expectations of the contemporary workplace and classroom.

Future Opportunities

Your Liberal Studies degree can pave the way to a future in:

  • Education
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Government
  • Writing and Editing
  • Graduate School

Program Design

Successfully Complete Total Testing Education Courses

Complete 30 Total Testing Education courses that align with the degree requirements of Daemen University. Adhere to the designated Daemen University degree plan provided when establishing your Total Testing account.

Complete your Degree with Daemen University

Submit your application and secure admission to Daemen University. Transfer your successfully completed Total Testing Education courses to Daemen University to earn credits. Then, continue and complete your degree directly through Daemen University's online platform.

For more information about Daemen University, visit Daemen University's website.

Degree Breakdown

120 credits are required to earn a Liberal Studies degree from Daemen University. Upon the creation of a Total Testing Education account, a comprehensive degree plan will be accessible. Daemen University requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 for all transfer courses.

Total Testing Courses

Save money by completing 30 online courses with Total Testing Education. 

Early Childhood Education 7 courses
Business and Communications 7 courses
Psychology and Sociology 4 courses
History, Government and Political Science 4 courses
Economics 2 courses
Math 2 courses
Science 2 courses
Computer Science 1 course
English and Literacy 1 courses

Daemen University Credits

Complete 30 credits with Daemen University, online.

Foreign Language6 credits
English and Literature6 credits
Psychology3 credits
Business3 credits
Religion6 credits
Philosophy3 credits
Service Learning3 credits
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