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Prior Credit Transfer

Shorten the time needed to complete your degree.

Existing credits are valuable and can qualify for transfer.

Your existing college credit is valuable and can be applied to degree completion. Submit transcripts for credit evaluation to one of our partner colleges right from the start. We waive our first-month membership fee to provide every registered student with the time required to submit transcripts and have those credits evaluated for transfer.

The process is simple.

Sign up with Total Testing Education

Get started with Total Testing Education and choose a degree pathway. We give you instructions on how to submit credit for evaluation to the college associated with your chosen degree.

Transfer credit evaluation

Contact all universities where college credit was earned and request official transcripts. Official transcripts should be sent directly from college to college. If you have official transcripts at home, do not open them! Send them in the sealed envelope you received them in.

Degree adjustment

Upon receipt of your transfer credit evaluation, Total Testing Education will adjust your degree plan, reducing the number of courses and months needed to complete your degree.

I had 12 credits approved for transfer, saving me over $300 on my degree plus almost 2 months of time. It was worth the effort!
Y. Thomas
Returning Student
I had 45 credits accepted. I saved $1500 and finished my remaining courses in 7 months before enrolling in college. Thanks Total Testing for making this process easy.
P. Martin
Frequent Traveler