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Can I earn my degree after 50? Yes!

We’ve talked in the past about the ideal time to earn your degree, and we discussed people under 30 and over 30. Today, we’re going to explore how getting your degree online, fits into your life, and keeps disruption to a minimum, if there’s any disruption at all.

You’re really busy

One of the really big things you notice when you’re in your fifties is that you’re really busy. You have more responsibilities, whether they’re work or volunteering, at home or in the office, you just have less time. As your career progresses, you find that you don’t quite get to leave at 5, often have to be in before 9, and your week is starting on Sunday afternoon. If you’re involved in community work, those meetings and events start to eat up more and more time too. Your family may be grown, but it may still be growing – with grandchildren being a very welcomed feature.

You’re fully budgeted

Another discovery is that your lifestyle has grown into your budget. By this point in your life, you have a pretty stable income and you have designed your lifestyle to fit. You know by now how much you spend on groceries, services and vacations. There’s room for flexibility, but by and large, you have accounted for what comes in.

You don’t want the upheaval

Whereas younger people may see disruptions as an opportunity to change direction, change location or change jobs, older people are more embedded. You’ve got your house, and you like where you live, work is stable and you’re surrounded by your social life and needs. If something comes along that needs to be addressed, the likelihood of upheaval as a solution is probably not on the radar anymore.

But you need your degree

There’s a number of reasons that over 50s find that a degree would help. There is a perception and often a reality that more senior career roles require a college degree. There’s a point in your life when your extensive, on-the-job experience, is no longer keeping you ahead of younger colleagues with higher education. But whether or not you want to go down the degree route, where’s the time and money to do it? Uprooting the comfort, regularity, and safety of your daily life to go back to college, just isn’t an option. If you can’t change your life to fit into a degree program, what’s to do?

Get a degree that fits into your life

As you may have seen in other articles, online and remote learning has changed the face of degree courses. The need to go onto campus for 3 to 4 years is a thing of the past. Programs like Total Testing help you complete your degree at home, at your own pace.

You’re Highly Motivated…

You know what a degree means to you, what you want, and what you need. You understand how a degree will broaden your knowledge and open up new opportunities. You have purpose and motivation that other students can only dream about, which will drive you through your degree program.

You want to get it done and move on

You are just visiting the education world for a brief visit, to earn your degree and get back to your real life. You are not in it for the social experience, you want to get in and out as quickly as possible. With programs like Total Testing in as little as 10 months, you can complete up to 75 percent of your degree requirements, online.

You’ve got a lot done already

You may think that degree plans are all about learning new stuff, but your previous education and professional experience can count towards your degree, so you’re already on your way. Total Testing offers you the opportunity to get started on your bachelor’s degree by completing accelerated NCCRS-credit recommended self study courses. You can earn up to 90 credits through Daemen University-approved, individualized transfer equivalency tests and self-study courses.

And you’ve got Total Testing with you all the way

As a working adult, you can work during the day and study at home in the evenings, keeping your college costs low and avoiding slipping into debt. Our professional counselors are there for you to help you understand what you’ve got, what you need, and the best way to get it. If circumstances change, we can help you update your plan and schedule, and you’ll keep studying without missing a beat.

You’re almost there

And when you’ve got those first 90 credits, you can transfer to Daemen University and complete your final 30 credits, and earn that degree. You can almost taste it! And we almost forgot to mention that the cost of a degree is a fraction, yes a fraction, of the cost of a traditional degree. Get in touch with us at Total Testing, one of our counselors is only a phone call away, they can tell you how you can get started on your degree and how little it costs.

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