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Just the push you need…

2022 is half over, but there’s still time to start your degree. If you need a push to get you moving, here’s five of them…

Open Up New Opportunities

You know how frustrating it is to find a job that looks like a great fit, right work, right place, right people, only to look at the job requirements and find out you need a degree. A degree isn’t about money, it’s about opportunities. Don’t settle for your second best choice of job, get your first choice, get started on that degree today. Get in touch with Total Testing and learn how you can get that degree on your schedule.

Earn More Money

So here’s the bottom line from the US Department of Social Security: “Men with bachelor’s degrees earn approximately $900,000 more in median lifetime earnings than high school graduates. Women with bachelor’s degrees earn $630,000 more.” That’s a lotta money! Get in touch with Total Testing and learn how you can get that degree for as little as $9000. That leaves you with an extra $621,000 over your lifetime. How much is that advice worth?

Get new skills

There’s a story about a company that had a big machine in their factory. One day it started making a bad noise. They called in the manufacturer – they couldn’t fix it. They called in the best engineers – they couldn’t either. There was a guy in the factory who went to the boss and said “my grandfather could fix this.” The boss laughed and said he could have a try and he’d pay him if he fixed it.

The grandfather came and he listened to the machine, he got out a tape measure, and he made some calculations in his little notebook. He took a stick of chalk from his pocket and wrote a big X on the side of the machine. He went to his car, came back with a hammer and hit the X real hard. The noise stopped immediately. The boss was really impressed and told the grandfather to send him a bill.

A couple of days later the boss received a bill with 2 line items: (1) Charge for hitting the big X with a hammer – $1; (2) Charge for knowing where to put the X – $99,999.

Don’t you just want to be grandad? Get in touch with Total Testing¬†and learn how you can get a degree that will make you wiser.

Change the World

You know the frustration – I want to change the world, be a social worker, a nurse, a teacher – guess what – you need a degree. So even if you don’t want to get a degree for you, can you please get it for all of us – we need you. Get in touch with Total Testing and learn how you can get started on that degree tomorrow.

Follow your dreams

Funny thing is that to follow your dreams, you’ve gotta stop dreaming and gotta start doing. Today is the day to change the script – today I’ll make the first steps to raising my value, raising my knowledge, earning more money, and changing the world – today I’ll start my degree. Get in touch with Total Testing and learn how you can earn up to 75% of your degree taking college level courses in subjects you studied previously, or for stuff you’re interested in learning. Then finish the last 1/4 of your degree with one of our partner universities.

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