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The 8 Benefits of Earning a Business Administration Degree

Total Testing’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree pathway with Daemen University provides students with the tools to succeed in the modern business world.

Would you like to become a successful entrepreneurial thinker and decision-maker? Do you want essential business knowledge for an increasingly virtual business world? Are you looking for the potential for many career paths? Do you want a practical, affordable route to your degree?

Total Testing’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree pathway provides students with the tools to succeed in the modern business world.

Here are the 8 main advantages of studying business administration with Total Testing and Daemen University:

Teaches the latest trends and requirements of the modern, global workplace.

Total Testing’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program with Daemen University combines academic theory with practical skill development to prepare students for a smooth transition into the workforce. The degree curriculum includes an in-depth study of accounting and financial functions, marketing management, human resources, and business structures. Total Testing’s program also focuses on digital marketing, global markets, and international business, offering critical skills for the contemporary workforce. In addition, students study business writing and communications and learn how to deliver strong presentations.

Cultivates key leadership skills.

Total Testing’s online bachelor’s degree program encourages key administration and leadership skills. From interpersonal skills to strategic problem solving and operational principles, Total Testing’s program prepares students for leadership opportunities in the ever-changing business world.

Almost unlimited career potential.

A business administration degree will provide skills for many in-demand career paths in today’s global business marketplace. Students acquire developed entrepreneurial skills which are vital for establishing a business or for becoming a creative, valued employee. Students can also consider careers in investment banking, insurance, manufacturing, e-commerce, real estate, the healthcare industry, human resource management, marketing or small business management. Additionally, students can develop careers with local, state, or federal government.

After completing the Total Testing-Daemen College Business Administration degree, students may decide to pursue an MBA. Progressing to an MBA can lead to an increased salary, a route to management or senior position, and the opportunity to further develop business networks.

Transition to a new career easily.

Because the Total Testing-Daemen University Bachelor of Science Business Administration degree offers such a broad knowledge base, it allows graduates to transition to a different field. In the modern, rapidly-changing job environment, students can easily shift careers successfully.

Growing demand for business professionals.

Thanks to globalization, complex tax and regulatory environments, and the increasing applications of marketing intelligence, businesses face a growing demand for professional employees with a business administration degree. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that business and financial occupations will grow faster than other industries.

Gain experience using technology.

Earning a business administration degree online prepares students to work more effectively in remote teams. As a potential business leader, gaining experience with digital tools and technologies will grant students a real advantage in flexible and agile leadership needed in our globalized marketplace.

More affordable.

Total Testing’s online business administration degree program presents a far more cost-effective alternative to traditional, on-campus programs. Students save on tuition fees, gas bills, and dormitory costs. Students pay less than $300 per month (!) and complete up to 3 courses each month until they reach their goal. Upon completion of 75% of your degree requirements, students enroll in Daemen University and complete their degree, 100% online through Daemen. Just as importantly, working students can simultaneously retain their jobs while completing their degree.


Total Testing’s online program with Daemen University allows students to arrange their studies around their existing schedule. Very motivated students can complete their online degree fast, while students who are juggling other responsibilities such as day jobs or families can study at a slower, more convenient pace. And when students need to complete an internship, they can do so in their current workplace.


What people are saying:

I just CAN’T say enough good things about this program!”

College is expensive and time-consuming. But in today’s world, it’s pretty difficult to get a decent job without a degree. I was one of the first people to enroll in Total Testing with Daemen University .

Can I be honest? I just CAN’T say enough good things about this program! Total Testing’s online Bachelor of Science degree pathway is affordable, it includes study materials, you can complete 3 years of courses in 10 months, and it’s a streamlined process with guarantees that credits will be accepted by Daemen University.

If you’re considering heading back to school to get your degree, then I would highly recommend jumping over to the Total Testing website and clicking around. If you’re really serious about going back, try it for just one month! I think you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. We were!




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Did you know your homeschooled high schooler can work on his or her degree BEFORE they graduate high school? This means that 75% of their bachelor’s degree courses can be completed before high school graduation!

My daughter chose the Business Administration degree plan and I was so excited to see the resources Total Testing offers to foster success. My daughter could choose from Power Point presentations, study guides, video lessons, and tons of practice problems. I’d recommend checking out Total Testing now!

Heidi C.


“Fast, affordable, and you don’t need to leave your house”


Earning an online degree with Total Testing’s program is easy! Students can complete Total Testing in just 10 months, putting them on the fast track to their degree. That means you can get your Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or your Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in just years!

If you dream of getting an affordable online degree without ever leaving your house, then Total Testing is your answer.




“A win-win!”

I’ve been looking at flexible online degree options for my daughter. When I learned of Total Testing and their partnership with Daemen University of Amhurst, New York, I got excited. Here is a great option for a flexible online degree!

I specifically noticed that Total Testing does a great job preparing students for the proctored exams. They offer a study guide with the course syllabus and a recommended textbook for the course, as well as supporting materials such as slides, videos, and homework assignments. Total Testing also offers guidance from advisors to help students plan their degree and complete each course successfully.

I was very glad to discover Total Testing’s program for my daughter. Total Testing offers a flexible online degree program that is affordable and saves time while awarding a degree from an accredited institution. It’s a win-win!

Julie P.