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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Complete College Online

As the digital world continues to change how we live our daily lives, just like we can now bank from home, and shop from home, we now have the real option to learn from home too. Getting a college degree used to mean going to college, but today’s students may no longer receive a classroom education, they can get a living-room education. So what are the top reasons that students are choosing online degrees? We’ve put together 10 of the best, that we hear the most.

Lower Cost

Digitally delivered education offers the same high standards and curricula that you expect from a bricks-and-mortar college. By shopping the ever-growing online degree choices, you can find the right degree that meets your educational needs and your budget. And as your degree is coming to you, you can save all the money you would have spent on accommodation and travel.

More Flexibility

Studying remotely offers you the flexibility to fit in study when it best suits you. Whether you work in an office, run a home, or are maybe still in high school, you can log on when it suits you. And if you take a vacation, you can take your degree with you, no need to cut class. If you want to study before your day starts or fit in a class when you can’t sleep, the choice is yours. If something changes in your life, you can adjust the pace of your degree, or perhaps even put it on hold for a while. Total Testing can help you set up a degree pathway that revolves around you.

Better Time Management

When you study independently for an online degree, you’ll learn how to manage your time well. It’s not something that most students learn when they’re on campus and just have to turn up when required. As an online student, you’ll be in control of when, what and where you learn. You’ll learn how to reprioritize when something urgent comes up, and you’ll learn how to use slack time to catch up on stuff you’ve missed. When it comes to work, employers value the organizational skills that online degree students have developed.

Higher Quality Learning

Online degrees give you a wider choice of subjects and a higher degree of customization. When you are learning what you really want to learn, you get better results. As you are studying in your own space, when you reach out to faculty or fellow students, you aren’t vying for attention at the end of class, or in a crowded cafeteria, so the quality of your interaction is higher and the learning is better. And as your classes are online, you can benefit from reviewing part or all of a class, as often as you need, until it’s clear.

Improved Virtual Communication and Collaboration

The working world is slowly coming to terms with how to collaborate and communicate remotely. They’re trying to twist their in-office paradigm into an online world. Students that have studied online have a huge advantage in the remote work environment. They have learned how to study online, talk and collaborate with peers, meet with managers and mentors, and operate in online meetings and events. When you get your online degree, you’ll hit the remote-ground running.

Better Technical Skills

As part of operating online, remote students have a better grasp of essential online tools. While the office world is still wasting 20% of their meeting time fighting with the meeting platform, and sharing a presentation, you’ll have already mastered meeting, presenting and working online.

A Broader, Global Perspective

In-person degrees may not be a fit for everyone, for all sorts of reasons. Online degrees attract a wider and more diverse group of students. The newly leveled playing field means that you could be learning with students from other countries, with different socioeconomic backgrounds and at different life stages. With so many perspectives, your study will be more rounded and you’ll learn from your peers.

Better for the Environment

Speaking of the globe, studying at home means you don’t have to commute by car, bus or plane. You don’t need huge air-conditioned lecture halls and student facilities. With today’s focus on the environment, getting your degree online, means you’re doing your bit for the environment too.


Online learning has broken down the accessibility challenges that students face. It used to be that to get certain subjects, the choice of colleges was very narrow. What if you couldn’t get there, or even if you could, sometimes the physical environment was not accommodative to your needs. When learning is the focus, and you can bring your environment with you, you have so much many more opportunities to get at the education you desire.

Early finish

When we think of a degree student, we tend to think of post high school students continuing their education or professionals returning to complete their degree to advance their career. But there’s a bunch of high-schoolers out there that have realized that they can get college credits, not only before they go to college, but before they leave high-school. Online degree pathways, like Total Testing, allow students to complete college courses by self-study and testing, rather than attending class. Some of these students get to finish their degree after only six-months out of school.
When evaluating whether an online degree is the right choice for you, consider these benefits above and you’ll be on the best degree path in no time.
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