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YES! You can get started on college while still in high school.

School is starting soon. How Total Testing can help your high schooler get a jump start on college.

Is there a program that can help a high schooler to graduate college or university sooner? Sounds like a long shot, but Total Testing has a program that can help high school students earn their degree faster and cheaper.

Early Birds

Here’s a trivia question for you….what do Michael Kearney, Moshe Kai Cavalin, Sho Yano, Alia Sabur and Tanishq Abraham have in common? The answer is that they are some of the youngest entrants to undergraduate degrees in university. Michael Kearney was only 6 years old! But that’s not what we’re talking about here, we’re talking about how you can help your high schooler to finish their degree in less than 4 years. Why high school? Because students in high school can start taking courses that can be used for college..

Earning College Credits before College

How does it work? Total Testing has partnered with leading universities to bring you online pathways to accredited degree programs. Instead of earning all your college credits through college courses during many semesters, you pick a degree pathway, follow a university-approved degree plan, and complete up to 75% of your curriculum through self-study courses. And the great part about these courses is that you can start taking them when while in high school. That means that you can have college-level courses in hand when you graduate.

The program that works around you

This isn’t summer school or a crammer course. This is a self-paced online program. You decide how much or how little you want to study and you decide when you are ready for exams. Need some more time to study? It yours. Want to take an extra course during vacation? No problem. Want to work in the evenings? Your call. Again, you can start these courses when you are in high school, and when you complete your courses, enroll in the institution granting the degree, earn credits for the courses completed, and finish your degree online.

How much does it cost?

The Education Data Initiative says that the average cost for an on-campus 4-year bachelor’s degree is between $102k to $212k, which is between about $850 and about $1750 per course credit. Remember, if you choose to go on campus for your degree, on top of tuition costs, don’t forget that you may have to budget for books, class supplies, travel, accommodation, meals and other living costs. That only raises the cost per credit. For a similar on-line bachelors 4-year degree the cost between $38k and $60k, or $315 to $500 per credit.

With Total Testing you can complete 75% of your degree for under $300 per course if you study part-time, full-time the price can drop as low $99 per course. You could also finish in as little as 2.5 years, and if you started when you were still in high school, even quicker than that.

And it’s not only for high schoolers and high school graduates, if you’re a professional that wants to come back and take or finish your degree, this is also for you too. If you are raising a family or have retired, the flexibility of the Total Testing ¬†program is a perfect fit.

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